Texas Wedding Photography: Webb Wedding

I met my friend Alexander, a musician, in Chicago a few years ago. We went to many of his shows and were always amazed by his incredible talent. One night, his friend Annalisa was opening and he promised this was a show not to miss. He was right.  The moment her voice carried over the noisy bar, every head turned to listen. These two made (and still make) the most beautiful music together. And now, years later, they've decided to spend forever together and I couldn't be happier for them.

Alexander and Annalisa had such a sweet and intimate wedding day. They chose the setting to be a little bed and breakfast in Waxahachie, TX called The English Merchant's Inn. Their friends and family squeezed into the common rooms of the inn to show their love and support for this amazing couple. Here's a look into their special day.

I feel like I just HAVE to share this one with you.  I arrived early to see where I could help and Annalisa and Alexander were doing a sound check and there was her mama.... praising God and I can only imagine reflecting on the incredible blessing of Annalisa and Alexander's relationship.

Silas Storm's Birth Story

As promised, to all of you who follow me on Instagram (@annagarman and @annacorinnephoto) I'm finally sitting down to write out Silas's birth story.  As I sit here trying to think of the best way to start... I'm still in shock.  He came so fast and took us all by surprise..... it's a blur.  I know God is always watching over us but His presence, guidance, and provision that day were undeniable and I'm so so incredibly thankful. Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Some of this story might be TMI for some of you so I'm going to go ahead and apologize.  

On March 21st, I went in for a routine sonogram since he was a week past due.  At this sonogram, they're checking to make sure he's doing ok and that my placenta is still doing it's thing.  Our little guy did awesome but they weren't able to see him practicing his breathing which is mainly concerning because it could mean he isn't getting enough oxygen. If they aren't getting enough oxygen they reserve their energy and don't move much. After doing a stress test, my midwife wasn't super concerned because he was moving A LOT, but the doctors were strongly recommending that I have a medical induction and head to the hospital.  This was not at all what we wanted and knowing the results of the stress test we felt ok going against their advice. They scheduled another sonogram for the next day and if the result was the same, we wouldn't be given a choice.  

Soooo, we did everything under the sun that night to get things moving.  By the next morning still nothing was happening except the usual braxton hicks which had been plaguing me since 17 weeks.  My sonogram wasn't until 2:15 and around 8 am I was desperate, so took some castor oil. By 10, still nothing was happening (not even a bowel movement!) I sent out a text to some girlfriends asking for prayer.  Specifically, that I would go into full blown labor within the next 4 hours (which would have been 2pm).

We left the house early  so we could stop by chickfila before the sonogram.  On the drive down, I had 2 REAL contractions..... but they were 20 minutes apart. My midwife called to check in around 1:45, I told her about the two contractions and while I was on the phone with her I had my third contraction. We decided I probably needed to go ahead and keep my sonogram appointment at 2:15.  SO, we finished up our lunch and as we left Haukur ran to a nearby fountain.  I knelt down next to him as I handed him coins to throw in.  Another contraction hit and I couldn't move.... Micah being the amazing man he is took the que with no words needed and loaded Haukur into the car, while I waited for my contraction to end.  

Now, we're all loaded up and on our way to the sonogram office and I'm continuing to have contractions. 4-8 minutes apart with no real consistency but INTENSE....not nearly as bad as my contractions leading up to Haukur's birth.  Micah is looking concerned at this point and asked if we should head to Baby and Company (the birth center) instead of the sonogram office.  I was nervous we'd be late to our appointment already and said we should head on to the sonogram and that we could call the midwife once we got there.  

^^THIS GUY ^^.... he knew.  He lovingly ignored me and drove to Baby and Company. I called my midwife after another contraction ended and we'd just pulled into the parking garage. I filled her in on what was happening and she asked me to head on over so she could check and see where we were. I said "ok, I'm in the parking garage."  It was 2:11 when I made the call.  She came out to meet us and we piled out of the car grabbing bags and our little boy :) Mid bag grab, another contraction hit.  The midwife took my bags and once my contraction was over, we made our way inside.  The walk was MAYBE 20 feet and my contractions were coming one after the other. 

We get to the room and TMI, I still hadn't pooped after taking that castor oil.  Lauren (my midwife) was asking if I'd like to head on over to the bed.  I told her "I really just need to poop real quick then I can get into the bed."  While I'm sitting on the toilet Lauren is doing her thing and checking me.  I told her, "Lauren, I really am going to poop on you..." she told me not to worry about it and that she just needed to check me.  

Meanwhile, Micah is getting Haukur settled with his ipad and he'd called our friend Heather who was going to come and watch him during the birth.

Once I got over having Lauren RIGHT there as I pooped, I pushed.... and out popped Silas's head!!! I didn't have to poop y'all!  I was having my baby!..... ON THE TOILET.

Lauren was right there with me.  She looked into my eyes, as I was shaking and in complete shock, and told me I could do this and reassured me that everything was ok. I pushed, stood.... and she caught my little boy.  In the moment, I just had this fear that I'd literally just pushed my baby out into the toilet.  I remember saying "Is he ok?!" as I said the words, he screamed and my midwife handed him to me. It was 2:25pm

Yes, you read that right.  I was talking with my midwife on the phone at 2:11 asking if I should come in or not and at 2:25 I had my little boy in my arms!  From start to finish, my entire labor was about 65 minutes!  I think that has to be the fastest labor in history.... or close to it.

He came so fast, Micah was still getting Haukur settled when the midwife called out to him that he didn't want to miss this.... and right as he poked his head around the corner of the bathroom, he saw Silas being born. Haukur? He was completely oblivious.  Even as I waddled to the bed with Silas in my arms.... he had no idea what had just happened, and I'm so thankful, because we totally didn't plan on having him in the room as I delivered his baby brother!

So much to be thankful for.  I loved my entire experience at Baby and Company and my midwife Lauren was a total answered prayer.  Here are a few photos ( I'll leave out the one of my placenta in the toilet... haha) 

When Haukur met Silas for the first time he crawled over in the bed and just stared at him in complete awe and curiosity, then reached out and pointed to his tiny hands and said "fingers!"

My friend Heather took some iphone photos too :) I have to share because they're some of my favorites from this day! Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Nashville Portrait Photography: $50 Off your Creative Fee!

I've decided to offer a discount to anyone who contacts me to secure their session date by midnight on Friday (2/17)! Why? Because I'm all excited about our little guy coming and I want to share the love ;) 

Anna Corinne Photography: The Baby Plan

I'm SO excited to share my new BABY PLAN with you guys!  I know first hand how exciting it is to have a little one on the way and how quickly time flies by.  I feel like it was just yesterday I was sitting in Haukur's nursery breastfeeding him, soaking in how lucky I was to be his mom, and loving every exhausting moment.  Now, he's no longer a tiny, completely dependent baby, but a toddler who runs around the house in his undies and requests a family dance party every night before bed.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't want to freeze time (ok, maybe that week we were potty training..... ;) Every day I take a deep breath and thank God for letting me be his mom and of course for giving me the most amazing husband to do life with..... but that's another blog.

I could talk about my boys all day but here's the point.  I know what it's like to want to capture every detail before they change and how valuable having beautiful photographs of these precious moments are. I also know how expensive it can be, especially that first year when they change so much SO quickly! That's why I've come up with THE BABY PLAN.  I want to make it more affordable and I want to help you fill your home with beautiful images of these fleeting moments. 


Nashville Newborn Portraits: Sylvia

Happy New Year everyone!  I'm kicking of the NEW year with a NEWborn portrait session!!  How perfect is that?! I hope you enjoy these sweet pictures of little miss Sylvia as much as I have.  Is there anything sweeter than a newborn?  annacorinnephotography.com

She is absoloutely precious! annacorinnephotography.com I'm a sucker for a little baby yawn.

annacorinnephotography.com annacorinnephotography.com annacorinnephotography.com
annacorinnephotography.com and you can't have a newborn portrait session without all those precious newborn details! annacorinnephotography.com annacorinnephotography.com annacorinnephotography.com